Productive two months


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It has been a very productive two months here at Sevenia Studios. We have been busy making products through the Zazzle store. Rerendering all the character in the properties that artist C.A. Michaels has created and getting things in order while we continue to look for a proper storefront. You can check out all the new products with the amazing art all done by C.A. Michaels at the link below!

Zazzle store


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We are busy creating new products for the zazzle store. If anyone wants anything custom made, drop us a line. Just make sure you own the artwork and or photos and they are sized at least 3000X3000 dpi at 300 dpi resolution! We can create art and put it on many products. For example; Zippo lighters, hats, T-shirts, Wall art, mugs, and so much more!

3D Character Design


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One of our favorite past times is creating 3D characters. We have created all the characters for author C.A. Michaels in her Elite Agents of S.E.V.E.N. series. We use Daz 3D. It is easy to use and user friendly. Out of all the 3D modeling software out there, artist Cynthia Michaels of Sevenia Studios prefers Daz.

Creating a character model is easy but tweaking and clothing them can be difficult and time consuming. And the one thing about Daz is, you have to buy products once you download the free software. The software is free and they do offer free stuff but it’s limited. However, if you’re good enough, you can create products and other things right in Daz or in their other program, Hexagon.

After Cynthia creates a character in Daz, she’ll import the rendered image into photoshop and create the background with many commercial brushes she’s saved over the years. Having a bachelor degree in design and strong passion for creating characters and stories, she has spent the last two years focusing on 3d character design.

However, her advertising, branding, and desktop publishing skills have helped her create many worlds for author C.A. Michaels. Yes they are the same person. The secret is out. Cynthia is also creator of Sevenia Studios.

The 3D characters she has created for the Elite Agents of S.E.V.E.N. are all from scratch. First starting with a plain model, she envisions what the characters look like. Most times she will describe them first in the books. But at other times, she just creates them with a vision in her mind.

Below are the Elite Agents of S.E.V.E.N.  In the second image, Elite Agent Jennifer Long poses with her husband Brian. If you want to learn more about the world of Artist Cynthia Michaels and Author C.A. Michaels, visit their websites at: Sevenia Studios | Author C.A. Michaels



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I’ve been researching how to pitch to companies like Netflix, I found a helpful site. One company was able to spread their project like wildfire with the help of their friends and fans. Plus a sleek trailer helped. Of course I can’t do the trailer right now but if all my friends could help me out and begin the viral postings of #ARelicReturns for me, we can make so much noise that might gain the attention of CEO Reed Hastings and chief content officer Ted Sarandos. It worked for the creators of Salahadin. All we need to do is just talk about A Relic Returns. Maybe share the page created for it and I’m going to do my part this weekend and make a video of me and hubby talking about it and why we think it would be a cool original show. It costs nothing to share or to spread the news on social media. Please help us get this project some buzz.